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Millard Solo Club

NEXT RACE                          
8 October, SCCA IWCC Autocross
Racing members -
Kyle Erixon
Zach LaGrone

Dinner/hangout night  Wednesday 18 October
Ask around for more info

DUe to the lack of a paved location the TSD has been postponed.

Bi-weekly drag race outings are being planned for Spring 2007
We will run at MidAmerica Motorplex on Saturday nights. This is an NHRA event, not SCCA.  So, everyone must have another parent waiver signed.  More info will come in the following weeks.  Cost - $20 per night

Logan has a new car, Saturn LS1

Old News
 Due to multiple requests, I have started working on a TSD Rally to be run between Louisville and Murdock Nebraska.  No date has been set as I am still in search of two dedicated workers to be timing marshalls.  Eventually we will have online regisration for this event.  The rally will probably be run on a sunday night. 

What is a TSD Rally?
A TSD Rally is basically a full stage rally with a 55mph speed limit.  Entrants attempt to drive a number of gravel back roads exactly at the posted speed limits.  Since we know the distance and the speed the driver should travel, the event master can figure the exact time it should take to do that stage.  Since nearly every car can go 55mph, it becomes more of a precision driving event than a race.  
CoDrivers -

In addition to the challenge of driving exactly on the speed limit, the driver has no idea of where he is going.  That is where the co-driver or navigator comes in.  The codriver sits in the passenger seat reading a map with general clues as to where to go.  It is his job to figure out the clues and the correct route and relay it to the driver.

Scoring -
Teams are penalized for being both early and late to checkpoints.  FOr example, Stage 1 should take Bob 20 minutes and 10 seconds to complete (goal time 20.10).  If Bob arrives at the checkpoint 20.19 after leaving the start, he gets a +9.  Another driver, Roy hit the checkpoint at 19.52.  Roy gets a +8.  Stage 2 has a goal of 16.00.  Bob's team gets 16.02.  ROy gets 15.48.  Bob's total is now +11, while Roy is +20; so Bob is winning.  The team with the lowest +score at the end of the rally is the winner.